“Preserving Nature’s Design”


TruSpine is a medical device company leveraging its extensive surgical, marketing and sales expertise to create and market breakthrough products to the spinal and vascular surgery industry; fast growing sectors of the lucrative MedTech market.

The Company’s primary focus is the development of two initial product lines:

– Faci-LOKTM and Cervi-FASTM Systems – minimally invasive devices which stabilize the spine without the use of screws, cages or other instruments which invade the bone or alter the bony anatomy in any way.

– GRASPTM LAMINOPLASTY SYSTEM – a revolutionary Laminoplasty system, comprised in part of the anchors of Cervi-LOK, used to decompress the spinal cord in cases of spinal stenosis. GRASP will be the only system which allows for a combination of laminoplasty and fusion.

The company believes that these first-of-a-kind technologies will provide ground breaking advancements, with the potential to transform spinal and vascular surgeries.