Faci-LOK™ and Cervi-LOK™ SYSTEM*

TruSpine is developing a revolutionary range of MIS (minimally invasive procedures) and devices to stabilise target areas of the spine without the use of screws or other invasive attachment systems. This is a first of its kind, a spinal technology that represents a quantum shift in spinal fixation and fusion techniques.

Both systems are simple, straight forward and easy to implant. As a result, we anticipate a reduction in surgical time which will lead to a cost savings, as well as less radiation exposure to the patient, surgeon and OR staff.

A unique aspect of the TruSpine devices is the design requirement to be fully reversible, and thus can be removed without altering or causing damage to the bony anatomy. This provides access to potential new markets from a diagnostic and therapeutic perspective.

*Under development, currently not cleared for marketing and distribution